1. USAT Liberty Shipwreck
The most famous dive site in Tulamben. The USAT Liberty is a US Navy cargo ship that was torpedoed in 1942, beached, and later pushed in to the water by a Mount Agung eruption in 1963. Since then it has evolved into a coral habitat, teeming with an astounding variety of water dwellers. Vibrant Batfish, ink-black Sturgeon, sea horses, eels, and an enormous school of Jackfish are just some of this regulars that call the Liberty home. A rare wreck dive just meters from shore, large enough to be explored in multiple dives, and ideal for a night dive, The Liberty is 120 Meters long as the depth between 3 – 30 Meters
You Guys can enjoy your Dive here with Tulamben Dive from Beginners divers to experience Divers allowed to dive here and can do Snorkeling trips

2. The Drop Off
The Drop Off dive is collections of volcanic rocks that resemble giant wall and are colored with the growth of coral reefs and alot of fish such as white-tip reef sharks. Napoleon wrasse founders and ghost pipefish, Besides that you will enjoy the view of Large rocks and filed with various plants. A lot of times you can meet a school of Big Eye Trevally’s at the slope

3. Coral Garden
Coral Garden is a dive site close to the shipwreck, here you can enjoy the beauty of the Nemo garden and the gallery of sculptures that are deliberately placed for the growth of coral reefs. You will be spoied with so many different fish and the beauty of the coral reef.

4. Batu Kelebit, AlamAnda and Emerald
Batu Kelebit Alamanda and Emerald are dive sites for certified divers because we will ride a local boat to
get there. These tree dive sites are very close to each ot her and the distance is also not far about four minutes from the beach.
From twelf meters deep you will see the extra ordinary under water beauty of the big fish on the list

5. Melasti & Seraya Secrets
Melasti dive site is one of the combination spots between doing muck dive to capture the creatures and coral reef in shallow water a while you doing safety stop here you can find so many little creatures like nudibranch, shrimps, cleaner shrimps. ghost pipefish, sea horse, big and small octopus Here you feel that one dive is not enough, the first one is gonna blow your mind

6. Boga Ship Wreck & Kubu Reef
is one of our list for the diver who already have their certification. This Location is about 5 minutes away by car and of course one of our favorite spots for divers who wants to find a different Location. Make memories and experience the adventure under water with so many different fishes and creatures

7. Emerald Dive Site
Emerald and the nearby area is another of the great dive sites just to the south east of Tulamben Bay. Basically one ‘step’ on from Batu Kelebit. This site is accessed using a jukung (small fishing boat at Tulamben village)

There is a sunken car and some other pieces of artificial reef on the sandy slope – which itself is a natural home to cuttlefish, gobies, Decorated dartfish, Helmut gurnard and nudis. There are some areas of Garden eels too.

“I am often surprised both by the variety of reef fish here and by how many Gorgonian sea fan there are on this sloping reef. The marine life includes ghostpipefish, octopus, lionfish and scorpionfish”.

Around 20-30m depth, the reef becomes richer with a large number of sponges, including Barrel sponges, and is a good place to see reef sharks. Thresher sharks and Eagle rays are seen here sometime

There is a small drop-off with Elephant-ear sponges and hard corals, and some large, Napoleon fish, grouper,lion fish and a lot beautiful fishes